IT Staff Augmentation

Techfair Technologies pvt ltd. can improve the competitiveness of clients through a set of consulting practices that result in knowledge-intensive business solutions with appropriate manpower, which is a major Information technology component. Techfair Technologies pvt ltd follows a rigid Professional Consulting Process to achieve this goal.

Techfair Technologies pvt ltd. provides the highest quality of professionals available in the consulting Industry. Techfair Technologies pvt ltd  professionals can staff your help desk, systems support and maintenance teams, or supplies the advanced IT skills required for complex project initiatives.

The key to our success is our system of working closely in partnership with clients to create a flexible staffing plan that augments their core staff with the best experts available on an as-needed basis. Extremely responsive to our clients’ requirements, we attach top priority to providing a 24-hour turnaround to fill any client need.

The solutions that we provide are also extremely cost effective: we offer the most competitive rates in the industry. The excellent track record of Vivid Technologies Inc. professionals’ Reliability, Dependability, and Loyalty has been outstanding and has been mainly due to Techfair Technologies pvt ltd Human Resources Department’s employee-oriented policies.

Competitive Edge is mainly due to

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