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Become A Partner

Anybody (recruiter) thought or planned to come to the USA for work and settle if possible. It is not that EASY but not IMPOSSIBLE!!

Have you ever thought of getting a PASSIVE INCOME through the recruitment industry? Is it possible?? Yes of course!! It is possible!

Let me introduce our company Mind Solutions LLC which is a startup and came up with an idea to make each and every recruiter comfortable. We have around 20+ years of experience in the IT Recruitment Industry, wanted to extend this offer Qualified Individuals, Company Owners and about to START future business ventures in US IT Recruitment Industry as well!!

We are looking for Highly Skilled IT Recruiters/OPT Recruiter cum Bench Sales/BDMs, etc… We are extending our hands towards like-minded people who are dedicated, who are Hard and Smart Recruiters ready to take up the ownership and the process to the next level.

Let’s get started!!
The Process is very simple.
As per the current market, the commission on the closures margin varies from 5%-25%. But, here in our organization, we want to take the highest percentage as 30% Flat for at least 10 Closures (Bracket 1). We are also open to competing/beat the current market compensation and Commission if one can counter with his/her own commission rate! And this is NOT A ONE TIME COMMISSION; this will last until your consultant gets resigned from our contract.

Those who are Qualified for Bracket 1, will be offered

This is not the only thing, the ONE who qualifies and reaches the Bracket of 25 placements(Closures!!) may get an opportunity to work with clients Directly (for the Qualified ONE).

I can say this is a Golden Opportunity for those who are dreaming to work in the US with Clients directly. This is a very RARE opportunity where NO ONE or Company has extended this offer for US IT Recruiters who are working outside to the United States of America!!

In terms of Revenue for 1 Placement with a Margin of $10(Which is suggested as a min $Margin:

Ex: 1(Placement) X $10(Margin) X 160 (Approx Hours/Monthly) X 35% (Commission) = $560/-
(This is an Approx Gross Income). Taxes are not included yet! Taxes may vary depends on State to State.

Why anyone has to trust:

Let’s be realistic, let’s talk about realistic scenarios:
What if any individual/owner of a company ignored the offer – you will lose the Passive Income going forward and obviously will lose the Onsite working opportunity with the US Clients Directly!
What if be positive!! – You will get the Passive Income once you reached the Certain required Brackets and will get the opportunity to work with Direct Clients Physically in the United States Of America!!
Let’s consider the following points mindful:

• Do you need to invest any money – NO
• Do you need to re-think once you reached to brackets – NO
• Will you get the opportunity to be a part of the Company once you reached Bracket – YES
• Will you get the Passive Income, No matter what, once you reached Brackets – YES
• Will you be able to accomplish the USA Dreams (If any) – YES
• Once you reached Brackets, can you able to earn in US Dollars – YES
• Once you reached to Brackets, will you be able to live in the USA (Depends on Qualified Individuals) – YES
• Can you able to convert your life into a Partner, Once you reach Brackets – YES
• Do you really get a chance to Process the “Green Card” for the Right Candidates – YES

On top of it, if you really have any questions and queries please reach out to: OR if you want any written Mutual agreement – That can be DONE!

Please let us know if you have any queries about the process or any related questions!!
We are very transparent regarding the Process and the Payments!!
Let us know if you have any queries!!

Mind Solutions LLC